Thomas L. Troutman

Founder | Artistic Director

Thomas L. Troutman is a world-renowned entertainer, producer, choreographer, and teacher. He is a native of Dayton, Ohio. He started his entertaining and musical journey when he was just 2 years old, singing church songs and acting in front of audiences of close family and friends. 

Thomas began dancing and acting in countless productions at his home church Omega Baptist Church in Dayton when he was 4 years old. While growing up he was also exposed to the show style entertaining abilities of his family's band the legendary Zapp & Roger Troutman. Unlike most children at the ages of 7-10, Thomas did not play with toys. His creative mind would gather costumes and create an entire concert with lighting, music, backstage production, and fully choreographed high energy shows; to cope with the psychological and emotional trauma of bullying, abuse, and social isolation. This was a way to break away from the thoughts of what he was going through. 

Thomas has over 24 years of experience in entertainment and the Performing Arts. He has done over 40+ plays and musicals and played many lead roles, winning awards at play festivals and nationally. He has received several nominations for best actor in a drama, won the infamous dayTONY award for best actor in a lead role (Curtis Taylor Jr. in Dreamgirls) and best actor in a comedy (The Magnificent Hubba Hubba – Dayton Playhouse Future Fest 2017) from New-York critic Peter Felíchia. His favorite shows have been Annie, Fettered, The Magnificent Hubba Hubba, Scenes From A Marriage, Children of Eden, The Wiz, High School Musical, Sister Act, and Dreamgirls.

From 2009-2017, Thomas toured as a member of the group Zapp and has made many tracks as a solo artist. Thomas has toured the world as a singer, musician, dancer, actor, and production manager performing for over 4.3 million people and counting. He has shared the stage with and performed in festivals with the likes of artist such as Zapp, Shirley Murdock, Ariana Grande, John Legend, Fantasia, Ice Cube, Bone Thugz N Harmony, Anthony Hamilton, En Vogue, Charlie Wilson, Robin Thick, Kem, Morris Day and The Time, and SWV. 

He has successfully produced sold out theatre, dance, concerts, and tours in the and has been on many production teams as a director, stage manager, choreographer, creative director and more providing his knowledge and expertise.

In the midst of touring the world with Zapp, Thomas danced professionally with the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company (DCDC - Dayton, OH), Revolution Dance Theatre (Cincinnati, OH) and started The Dayton Dance Workshop Inc. in 2010. 

"The arts have saved my life. Writing songs and sharing them on stage has changed me right before the eyes of an audience, and I do this for that very reason. My only intention with sharing my gifts is to shine a light on the fact that music, dance, writing, singing, all have the power to heal and break strongholds."

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Patrick W. Brown

Key Note Speaker

Patrick W. Brown is the owner of Preparing for Tomorrow. His motto is, “Live in the moment for the moment is all we have!” Patrick is the second eldest son of World-renowned motivational speaker Les Brown. He is a member of The First Family of Motivation, a licensed facilitator of LifeSpring-NYC LP157, Certified Youth Leadership trainer, Ty Cobb certified speaker, Certified in DISC and also a certified Les Brown speaker/trainer and coach. 

Patrick has developed his own training on Leadership: Leading out Loud-New Millennium Leadership Mr. Brown has had a great mentor in his father Les Brown. 

“I believe the greatest thing my father has taught me thus far is the importance of living a life of service for the betterment of humanity.” - Patrick W. Brown

Although, Patrick shy’s away from the comparisons, he is the spitting image of his father but has his own unique sense of humor. He can engage and empower any audience. Patrick has always been the guardian of the family. He has proudly served and protected his family. Patrick is very charming and very candid about his challenges and insecurities following in the footsteps of the #1 speaker in the world Les Brown. 

He shares his story of growing up in the shadow of greatness. He realizes that his role has shifted. He is out to make his mark in the self-development field; he is a Possibility coach. Mr. Brown specializes in speaking, training, and coaching.  He has been raised in a culture of self-help and personal development. 

Mr. Brown has a passion for helping people and considers himself a (UC) Universal Communicator. He utilizes speaking, poetry, acting, and humor to create an experience to help shift the mindset. 

Mr. Brown is also a Hip-Hop poet and M.C…He worked 15 years as a caregiver. He has spent the last 3 years as Les Brown's personal assistant and caregiver and he heads a spiritual movement “God Adores You,” a new thought teaching of inclusion and self-love with emphasis on the LGBTQ community. 

Patrick has spoken for Les Brown Speaker Trainings Boca Raton, Orlando, Charlotte, Detroit, and Los Angeles; The Boys and Girls Club of Wichita Kansas, The Wichita public high school system, Upward bound program NYC, Lamb’s Theatre NYC, Father’s Day Retreat in Washington, D.C., Jamaica Commerce of Chambers, Oakland-Radio1, Soul of a Woman Retreat, OSU Management for Advancement Public Service program, Barringer High School, NJ, South High School in Cols, Ohio. 

“I talk into the heart to unlock the mind. My main goal is to be authentic and share of my life experiences to educate, enlighten and inspire people to live out their dreams.”

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Terri Jackson

Guest Speaker

Coach Terri Jackson is the founder of Sisters4Selfcare, an organization that has been empowering women to honor their self-worth and value their self-care for nine years. Her passion for people and wellness has been in practice for over 25 years. 

In addition to Sister4Selfcare, she mentors and offers her support to women who have experienced depression, divorce, disease, or any type of domestic violence. Terri has also been a self-care and wellness coach for lifestyle and wellness company Soul Purpose, for over 10 years. 

Terri is a single mother of two “lovely gifts from God,” Kalen and Kenzi Carson. Both are current college undergrads seeking God’s wisdom and executing his plan. “Our family scripture; Jeremiah 29:11.” 

It has always been Terri's desire to empower people to take charge of their health and live to their full potential. Currently, Terri is a National Sales Trainer for a healthcare company, licensed physical therapist assistant, professional modern dancer with a BFA in Dance, and Certified Lifestyle & Wellness Coach. 

"It's empowering and inspiring to learn from those I have encountered; a true blessing that my coaching and mentoring has encouraged many to enhance their lifestyles by living in balance, forgiveness and embracing each moment with a positive attitude.”

See Terri Jackson Live at our First Annual Benefit Gala for the Performing Arts! 



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